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Upcoming Presentations: 

9th World Glaucoma Congress

  • Eric B Lee1, BS, Wendeng Hu1, MS, Kuldev Singh1, MD, Sophia Y Wang1, MD. The association between blood pressure, blood pressure medications, and glaucoma in a nationwide longitudinal electronic health records database.  

Past Presentations

ARVO 2021

  • Eric Yeh, Anjal M Jain, Olivia Fox, Sophia Y Wang. PhacoTrainer: Deep Learning for Activity Recognition in Cataract Surgical Videos. 
  • Yash Karandikar, Sophia Wang. Predicting High Impact Ophthalmology Articles Using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.


  • Sophia Y Wang, Benjamin Tseng. Looking for Low Vision: Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing to Predict Visual Prognosis 

ARVO 2021

  • Sophia Y Wang, Benjamin Tseng. Looking for Low Vision in Electronic Health Records

AGS 2021

  • Sophia Y Wang, Benjamin Tseng. Deep Learning Approaches for Predicting Glaucoma Progression Requiring Surgery Using Electronic Health Records Data and Natural Language Processing. Click to download the poster.


Poster Presentations

Podium Presentations