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We are always searching for talented team members to join us. Here are just some examples of roles we are looking for. Please directly email the PI (sywang at stanford dot edu) with your resume and cover if interested in working with us. 

Brain research visualization

Postdoctoral Researcher

- Postdoctoral position for those looking to expand or augment their knowledge and skills building data science pipelines for healthcare 

- Must be proficient in Python programming (pandas, sci-kit learn, PyTorch or Tensorflow), have experience with data analysis, and have familiarity with machine learning / deep learning. Can use Git. Can query databases with SQL. Cloud computing skills (AWS or GCP) would be excellent too. 

- Willing to work independently and learn new skills and new domain knowledge quickly 

- Strong writing skills 

Data Scientist Intern Cover

Data Science Student Intern

- You will work 1:1 with the PI and with other data scientists and research personnel in the lab on data analysis projects 

- Requires excellent Python programming including pandas, sci-kit learn, and either PyTorch or TensorFlow, can use Git. Understands principles of databases. 

- Motivated and interested in advancing skills in working with healthcare data, natural language processing, or computer vision 


Research Student

- Interested in ophthalmology but perhaps not a strong programmer? Never fear, we may have a position for you too. 

- We are always interested in recruiting motivated students with strong writing skills. Help us write our manuscripts! 

- There are many ancillary tasks to support building our models including data validation and curation 

- Must be reliable and have strong attention to detail 

- If interested, shadowing opportunities may also be included in your experience 

Student working on electrical connections

Visiting Scholar

- Arrangements can be made for international visiting scholars, but since this requires significant lead time, the earlier we start the better 

- Those with their own funding will have priority 

- Given the complexity of logistical arrangements, longer term visitors are preferred